jasmes dodkins put your customers second

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"Put Your Customer Second" is an exploration into companies who deliver amazing customer experience by focusing on creating an outstanding internal culture. 


The book is a story about a young executive who gets shot to prominence within his company. He is given the seemingly impossible task of turning his company's fortunes around by discovering and implementing the best customer experience strategies in the world. The main character decides that he will make a list of all of the companies that he personally has received world class customer service from, reach out to them and meet with leaders within said companies to discover some of their customer experience secrets.

What he quickly starts to realise is that these companies deliver such outstanding customer experience by putting their employees first. At first he becomes quite disillusioned as the advice he is receiving is counter intuitive to his pre conceived 'customer first' notions. However he soon starts to understand how a companies culture is one of, if not, the most important aspect to focus on and that if you put your employees first, in return, they will put the customer first on your behalf.

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